Wok & Roll Rally 2007

Mag and I set off about 2pm., steady drive up to Dave's house 170 miles away. At Dave's we were provided home made soup, tea and coffee etc. He looked after us really well. Mitch, in company with Louise, arrived shortly after and a trip to the local pub was made.

After several pints and whisky chasers, we returned to Dave's and more whisky was consumed. The Life of Brian was watched on TV.

Next day, Stuart the DJ at NABD arrived, as did Mitch and Louise. Had a walk over to the venue, which was a village hall. Beer on tap and a kitchen had been set up. Three fantastic bands kept us entertained. All for a fiver - brilliant value. On talking to one of the organisers, we will have an invite to the rally next year, via Dave. Next year they are on about a marquee with beer included and food, all for about £30.00. You can't go wrong.

I pulled over onto the hard shoulder of the motorway, to see the rear of the bike in flames!

Everyone was real friendly, a Devils Disciple I think his name was Leroy, but me and names well, you know! Anyway he was asking about Naz, seemed a good guy.

Started back about 10.30am all was well, until about 30 miles into the ride back, when I saw smoke and clothing disappearing in my mirrors. I pulled over onto the hard shoulder of the motorway, to see the rear of the bike in flames! I ripped all the kit off the bike, including the pannier which was still alight. I was trying to put the bike out with my hands. Needless to say I burnt my hand. It's not too bad though. A chap in a car stopped and used a fire extinguisher. It gives you faith in mankind.

A call to the AA resulted in a two and a half hour wait on the hard shoulder. A trip to Preston, with another hour wait, got back home about 7pm.

Now to talk to the insurance... I recon on at least a grand. Tent, all personal items, roll mats, clothing, burnt bike jacket, etc. I will try to work it out tomorrow.

Despite the fire, we did have a cracking weekend. See you all soon.


I've been to three of the Wok & Roll parties now and always enjoy myself and usually the weather is kind to the Wok & Roll Mcc. But not this year! It was still a great night though, with three great bands!

Wok & Roll Mcc are a group of rockers and bikers based in Penrith; Andy Coward used to be part of the Brainz Trust Mcc - famous up North for the "Close to the Hedge Rally" and this was always a favourite rally for the Sally lot in the old days; Geoff of the ginger hair was in a club also famed for it's parties at a place called Hackthorpe, and to which I (the Mitch) also belonged - "The Bog Eyed Crag Rats"; Tom CS is a Southerner who made Cumbria his home about ten years ago and as well as being the bass player in the band to which I (the Mitch) belong, he also plays a huge role locally, in supporting and running music events and gig's and has his own band. There are other members of Wok & Roll, including Jem and Chris Chapman (two insane brothers) who organise party games and foolishness, and there are the assorted wives and partners, some of whom are also in one of the bands that played on Saturday night "3-mile Smile".

Wok & Roll Mcc came about because they had all pretty much given up on being part of a club, they were sick of the bull shit, but they missed the parties, they met through the common interest of bikes, pubs and music and, being civilised ladies and gents, were prone to putting on dinner parties for each other that became competitive to say the least, this competitive streak was starting to get a little stressful in the kitchen department, so they decided they would pool their resources and put on a party, and as I've mentioned they already had a great rock band on side with "3-mile Smile". Realising they needed a name to host the party they formed a club-of-sorts and so, I guess, bikers-what-lunch became Wok & Roll Mcc.

I got pretty pissed and did a stupid dance which hurt my knee, I smoked too much and I got wet when I went outside - it was another good party!

I arrived at Dave's with Louise and found Steve & Maggie already there, then Stu found his way up North from Wigan (big deal), I got pretty pissed and did a stupid dance which hurt my knee, I smoked too much and I got wet when I went outside - it was another good party! Oh and a special thanks to Stu for banging on my van at stupid o-clock in morning and causing me to leap up and almost punch Louise! That was funny, I've never woken up terrified and locked in the back of a van before.

The night is geared up to accept 150 bodies through the door and unfortunately due to the weather being pretty shite this August, I don't think they quite made that figure, which was a shame for those who stayed at home, as the three bands that played were really good. The first band was from Carlisle and I've forgotten their name, they had been thrown together not long before this gig and were still getting to know each other when they got on stage, but for an opening band they rocked, plenty of banter with the crowd and with each other, in amongst some well performed covers. The second band were the rock band "3-mile Smile", I know these guys and can remember their name, they play a lot of their own material in amongst covers and to a very high standard, with a few albums to their credit. The third band were a 50's Rocker-Billy type band who also did contemporary rock covers and I think some of their own material and were thoroughly brilliant!

There was a raffle, but I never saw any tickets and no one won anything, so I think it was an imaginary raffle, there was a bit of a sack race in a 1-ton sand bag which only involved me (the Mitch) and Jem (the nutter), and hurt!


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