Wakinyan rally 2009

It's over for another year and what a difference a year makes. Thanks to all the old faces from the 1st year that came back and gave us another go and thanks to all the new faces that turned up.

Last year we lost money. This year we made money and were able to pay back the club members' who used hundreds of pounds of their own to fund last year and we were able to donate a healthy £500 to Help for Heroes.

we were able to donate a healthy £500 to Help for Heroes

The weather held up for us and the ground was good to firm. The social club were accommodating as usual and I'm led to believe the neighbours had no issues so cheers all.

We lost a band from the bill, but were able to overcome that with some goodwill from ZZ Birmingham and Planet Rock UK slightly extending their sets.

We also lost our lighting rig due to transportation problems (Sorry to hear that Dave..wish you were there) but a big thank you to Dr Hasbeen for lighting equipment driven down for us on the Friday before returning to work. Thanks also to Snake for settiing up and running the equipment over the Friday night and again on Saturday when the good Dr Hasbeen returned.

We were able to call upon the expertise and professionalism that is Amadeus Acoustics for a great sound rig and a big thumbs up to his team over the weekend, Suzie, Jamie, Paul and Ammo himself. With the success that the Wakinyan hopefully has become and the books now balanced, I'm sure we'll address all the expenses issues that we have taken as goodwill over the last two years. Really guys, thanks again.

Many of the club themselves worked extremely hard prior to the event weekend, while others did a sterling job over the weekend. A special nod should go out to the new club President Wigan Paul for his efforts and also to Naz, the club elder statesman who unfortunately wasn't at the rally to witness the fruits of his labour. We all wish Joan well Naz.

Nod to Shitename too, for bringing his music system for the Karaoke and Rock Quiz which unfortunately we weren't able to run this year, but rest assured we'll put it on next year and he gets a nod for having to work in close proximity to Ammo when he's is in the zone. I've been there mate and I understand...that's why I stay out of the way now :) :)

The rest of the club chipped in with many different aspects of the rally in order to make it successful, from the catering, the marshalling, the ride out, the silly games and the kids hour to the clean up.

Also thanks to the "civilians" who joined us to help us (cos we're not a very big club ya know)......Simon, who did a sterling job with the stage build and silly games input. Nigel who was magnificent all weekend particulary in making the ride out run as smooth as it did and Fran who sat on the gate for hours. Cheers to Sue too for adding the Tombola and a splash of blonde.

Thanks to the stall holders who turned up and helped with the general atmosphere and a special shout to Richard and Sue from the Fair Trade Jewelry stall who donated a £50 voucher to be used on their stall for the Help for Heroes raffle.

Over the weekend we had the People's Rebulic of Mercia and the Almaboobies on the Friday and both got great receptions. Both bands go in the list of USE AGAIN!!

Planet Rock UK did exactly what it says on the tin and they rocked the planet that was Birch Coppice Social club that night

On the Saturday we had three bands booked and that turned to two, but ZZ Birmingham and Planet Rock UK were splendid in what they did. I am led to believe that on their performance ZZ Birmingham have been booked to play a back stage bar at Glastonbury next year. Planet Rock UK did exactly what it says on the tin and they rocked the planet that was Birch Coppice Social club that night. The crowd reaction tells the tale....watch out for YOUTUBE clips I'm sure....a fantastic band. Book em!!!!

The raffle was a success, but a bit drawn out in its execution. A mistake was clearly made by allowing the winning punters to pick their own prizes and this took so long that we were unable to run the rock quiz. Next year will be different...we're still learning. The raffle was the strangest thing mind...with most winning punters winning more than once. In fact every winning punter won at least two. No fix either because each new winning ticket was draw from a shaken box by the previous winner. It was just the strangest set of coincidences ever, including the first ticket out going to Richard who had just previoulsy donated £50 to the cause.

Finally a big thanks to the brothers and sisters that turned up to party with us. Without the punters there is no rally. You were magnificent in your donations and your behaviour and your enthusiasm to get involved and party and you give the motorcycle fraternity the respect it deserves. See you next year.

Come on 2010, what you got lined up for us, then???

Andy Kat

If you want to see the pics from the rally, then visit the dedicated website and click yourself stupid...

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