Stormin' The Castle 2007

With no ticket in my back pocket I loaded the bike with rally gear and work gear as I was en-route to Stormin' via BAE Systems at Barrow but as normal with me the bike decided it didn't want to go to either Barrow or Witton-le-dale!! Time was of the non-existent in terms of immediate fault-finding so everything was bunged in the back of of the car and I set off to work, hoping that me dad might lend me his Savage to ride to Stormin' with. Well this is the guy that doesn't take his bikes out unless there's a 5-day dry spell forecast so that was it...looked like I was bolloxed seeing as Stormin' is a bike only rally unless you've pre-booked a car and paid £30 for it (and ya still have to carry yer gear on site).

The end

naaaa..not really.....the reason I didn't have a ticket was because I was on the guest list for the Quireboys who were headlining on Friday night and a quick call was made to Stormin the Castle committee to confirm I was sorted, and sorted I was. Hooking up with Dave at Penrith we set off together and I fully expected to meet him there as he blasted away on the Honda but it wasn't too bad and we arrived at the same time as he took it quite sedately. Mark and the Quireboys had landed at Newcastle from Norway at around the same time with the news that their guitars had carried on to Brussels!!! Major drama which meant phoning through the guestlist was the last thing on the tour manager's list of things-to-do but I blagged it and was given a backstage AAA pass by the Stormin' security team.

The complete front two rows of the audience consisted almost entirely of swooning lovestruck females

As expected with Mark, GUEST doesn't ever mean guest and it wasn't long before Dave was ushered across to collect another "guest" pass and we were both set to work as Quireboys roadies. You all know the drugs and rock 'n' roll. We set up their back line on stage and had a beer, went across to their caravan and had another beer, then we got our food tokens and had food and more beer and went on like that all day, just milling around and having a beezer time. Busa and Lesley made it on site around 9ish and we managed to grab a few moments with them before the Quireboys went on stage and back to work it was. The complete front two rows of audience consisted almost entirely of swooning lovestruck females, including one well-known groupie from way back..dirty dirty girl (ask Mark..he's seen the video). The night ended with the stage breakdown and then a fair bit of partying with the band and their guests including a few of these front-row-swooners.

A real cracking night and great to see things from this angle again. I had to get me arse home on Saturday so watch out for part two. Mickey's friend "Jack" was in town so I'm intrigued to know how his fun-run marshaling went on the Saturday!!


Thanks for the start Andy...Lesley and I had planned our journey very carefully having been so disappointed at the Rock and blues and losing our tickets due to this ciatica. True to form Lesley's ex in Coventry was as awkward as possible insisting that the 3pm dealine for hand over with the kids was non negotiable without a court order...m6 traffic was awful then she came to Wolverhampton we finally left here at 5pm and yes the traffic was horrid all the way to Lancaster services where we phoned our pres and announced our late arrival, after Lancaster once numb bums recovered we averaged 94.5 mph hope this wasnt recorded by cameras...after mixed weather on route we arrived to sunshine and rapidly diminishing light at 9pm.

Andy met us and we got the tent up very fast in a pre reserved spot courtesy of my Rotheram mates, good old Jack had come up with Lesley and I and Andy met him with a somewhat cautious manner, Lesley was very thrilled to hear my new version of Shielas wheels which by some easily offended may be considered to be marginally sexist !!!

Mickey Busa

We met up with the Rotherham folk, some very drunk already, Mick spotted Daz in a skirt, kilt really and the full moon made a early appearance as Mickey could not help himself by lifting Dazs skirt and as you guesssed he was not wearing any underwear ugh. We met up with Andy, Dave C and Ammo Mark...PICS !!!!...After a few beers, chat, and walking around the stalls, our tents were a calling..

Mick spotted Daz in a skirt, a kilt really, and the full moon made a early appearance

Morning. We woke to sunshine and soon we was to making our way to the marshals tent, to see if we were really needed to help the local police and stormin' crew to assist in the bike fun run to the steam train rally...or so we thought Busa...we set off with our little yellow jackets on and followed the police then over took the police to be front markers to stop traffic at junctions etc...Busa in his element taking over the police motorcyclist and cars. I was temped to give the odd v sign as we went past but I bottled it. Things were going well, when Busa pointed out we needed petrol.,The 150 + bikers passed as we pulled in to a petrol station, hoping that it wouldn't take us long to juice up we were held up by a silly man who was just hell bent on being slow, that we missed the back markers, we didnt have a clue where we was going so we rode back to the rally feeling rather stupid, oh well it was fun.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with the Rotherham folk and our attentions was upon a male rally virgin making his way to us, dressed in a leopard skin nappy type pants, we were asked to write something on his back, Busa told me to write...ask me or him next time you see us, the rally virgin quickly left and things got back to normal.

We didnt see any bands play, didn't think much to the ones that we could here, however UFO played but there just wasn't the atmosphere as last year, as big Sarah wasn't with us, Busa and I had missed her this year, we had no one to barge through the crowed to get us to the front of the stage. After eating and drinking up to midnight, we made our way back to our tent and the Rotherham folk sat around few candles when the jokes was in force from Mr Busa himself and as always I had a little to much to drink that I couldn't stop giggling that resorted into wetting myself, thanks Mickey.

Stormin' is a great rally. It's a pity more Sallys are not present, you would have a good time. Thanks to the Georgie folk for a great time and rally,

Mrs Busa

PS. Oh, and we met up with the legendary Geordie Andy and Debbie the road run captain!

PPS. The journey was long and hard going, the alcohol and pain killers had worn off from Knutsford.



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