Sonic Rock

Why Sonic Rock?

A few years back (2002) the club held its first rally...if you can call what we did a true rally. It was more of a festival, music it what you will. The idea of a club rally had been discussed and agreed and we finally went forward with it when we booked Hamilton House Farm near Garstang (site of Blackpool MAG and the Jesters MCC rally).

The driving force behind the booking of the bands came from now ex member Mark Coley via various contacts he had, one including Harvey Bainbridge ex Hawkwind. Harvey had met with us and partied with us in the past on a number of occassions. He likes Tequila. Lots of Tequila. Feed him Tequila in one end and lots of stories about being on the road with Hawkwind and Lemmy come out the other!

The line-up for the gig which we called the Sonic Rock Solstice (due to the date of the gig being the summer solstice) contained other ex Hawkwind members in various guises and a few space rock type bands as well as a couple of time served rock cover bands. The full list can bee seen on the T-Shirt that we produced for the gig.

Sonic Rock T-shirt

The gig was also filmed by an outfit called Screen Edge who made videos and subsequentky DVD's of the event.


A year later and one member less, we found ourselves being asked to support something a little bigger. By this time Mark had left the club to pursue a life in the music business and was in a position to ask us to support the up and coming Hawkfest 2004 weekend festival, again at Hamilton House farm. Our task this time was simply to run the bar. We made guess work of the numbers who were likely to attend, we made guesswork of what the punters were likely to drink and we made guess work on how many we needed to pull it off. We got all the guesses wrong yet still pulled it off.

It was at this gig that we were approached by a Hawkwind fan wearing a T-Shirt with a symbol remarkably like the Salutation Thunderbird. In fact identical except the colour and this comes from a particular Hawkwind album (enter jpg of album here maybe - if someone knows it/has it!?). Total coincidence it seems. The gig was supported well with Nelly's boys from Millennium 2000 BC providing security. We sold all the beer and wine and spirits we had with no help from Hawkwind's Dave Brock who had us order in a whole host of fancy wines for his fancy clientele which we had to nearly give away in the end. Was a cracking weekend for weather mind..the hottest of the year and the hottest for nearly a century I believe. The Levellers played in the main marquee on the Sunday night and rocked the shit out of those of us that were left, and it was a good few hundred who still had to be fed alcohol.

A summer Chill Out in Snowdonia was held a year later and the promoters called upon Salutation to provide site security and marshalling. This Sonic Rock Chillout was held at Swallow Falls in Betws-Y-Coed and again all the usual suspects were there. (See below)

2005 and again we were called up for the same routine but this time the festival was being held near Skegness. Another weekend affair and this time the promoters called it...wait for it...Sonic Rock. We were very thin on the ground but we pulled it off....just. (Read the report below) So...from our first gig with ex Hawkwind, named The Sonic Rock Solstice, leading to our next gig with Hawkwind and then discovering our patch matched one of their albums, to the two other space rock festivals we've supported it's clear to see our sometimes default love affair with all things sonic. BOOM!

Sonic Rock Solstice 2010
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Sonic Rock Solstice 2009
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Sonic World Festival 2008
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Sonic Rock Solstice 2005
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Swallow Falls Sonic Rock Chill
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Sonic Rock Solstice 2002
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Post Sonic Rock Solstice meeting
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