October Birthday flight

My landings still equal my take offs. I was tremendously cheered up last night on hearing that 10 sky divers and a pilot were killed in Belgium, when apparently, part of the wing fell off, however all was well when I got to the airport and found the helicopter ground staff had a table next to the bar as their office, my kind of people.

helicopter ground staff had a table next to the bar as their office, my kind of people

Signed in and then had a couple of double whiskeys, waiting for the aircraft to land. Luckily it was a Bell Jet Ranger, which is fairly large, so the gusty wind wouldn't affect it as much as the smaller two seaters scattered around.

I was lucky, managed to blag my way into the co pilot's seat. Completely different to any other flying I've done, we took off, hovered about 6 feet off the ground and then before you know it and without any sensation of climbing you’re at 200 feet and doing 90 knots.

Slightly disconcerting when at 500 feet all the Master Caution Warning Lights came on until the pilot pushed the test reset button, I always thought they did that on the ground. Great flight at 1500 feet and 90 knots, went over Rochdale, Todmorden, Bacup and back to Manchester.

Thora would have loved it the rotor head and rotors stay in the one position and the helicopter itself swings about under them.

It did rain very slightly, but we scooted around the clouds and visibility was excellent. Landed after 30 mins and had a bit of a natter with the pilot, who was brilliant, and ground staff...It's on video, just got to change the format and then I can post it, maybe on YouTube.

Highly recommended trip for everyone but Thora...Where can I buy one?


We realise that Naz's birthday was in February and he didn't take the flight till October, but the old goat plays to the beat of his own drum...

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