Naz's Poem

Long time ago in a town up north
A little boy came along
And who'd have thought after all these years
He'd still be going strong

The name of Norris he was given
But Naz is how he's known
Now he lives in Merseyside
With his partner Joan

At the tender age of fifteen years
He became a soldier just for fun!
The army was his greatest love
He liked his tank and gun

But after that his hobbies changed
To rallies and motorbikes
And even when his age increased
He progressed to bleedin' trikes!

He was the president of a bike club
And is still a busy lad
He works hard in planning outings
And parties, of which we're glad!

Tequila is his good friend
Which he brings along - ready made
But it can't have done him any harm
Now he's entering his 8th decade


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