An introduction to who, where and what we are

Salutation MCC was formed in February 1991, by a dozen or so like minded bikers, who more often than not drank in, you've guessed it, the 'Salutation Inn' in Ambleside, Cumbria. Although the club name comes largely from that drinking hole, part of it derives from the latin 'salutare'.

Salutation. n. an act, phrase, gesture,etc., that serves as a greeting C14:latin salutatio from salutare to greet

The ethos of the club is simple....To enjoy good company and to live the lifestyle without any attitudes.

Over the years people have come and gone until at present we have twenty members, only one of which is a founder member.

We are not the usual kind of club, our members are spread out all over the country with two main areas...The Midlands and the North West.

This means that to some extent, each area is independent, having they're own events and meetings although we try and come together as a complete club as often as possible.

We've had members in the South Lakes who went on to join the Devils Disciples MC and we've had a York member leave us to join the Chopper club, both with the grace and good will of the club.

We've gone through changes over the years, leading to the club having different patches; a description of each and why can be found below.

Anyone interested normally hangs around with us until we know they're our kind of people, at which point they are invited to join.

The Patches

patch 1
Original Patch circa 1991

A Dove with a piston in it's beak.

patch 2

The Phoenix circa 1995

Second one was the Phoenix, which was adopted to show that the club was rising from the ashes, at a time when we had 40 odd members and then decided to cut down to real bikers. Don't ask me how, but at that time we had some members who didn't even ride bikes! We had a ceremonial burning of the first patch at the Green Dragon near Hawes.

patch 2
The current Thunderbird patch

After a couple of years it was decided that the Phoenix was too fussy, complicated and difficult to make out at a distance. Instead of redesigning it, the suggestion was to replace it with a distinctive design that simple and effective. Eventually we came up with the American Indian Thunderbird in schematic form and since the club colour has always been blue it had to be blue on black.

It was only after the design was finalized and we were actually wearing it that we realized that it was almost identical to one of Hawkwinds album covers. Bit of a coincidence that, because very shortly after, we did indeed work with Hawkwind and some offshoots. Eerie or what!

We still wear the Thunderbird today - it's just been updated a little.